BXP 2×01–Ken Spencer of Why Not Games!

Once upon a time, we interviewed Ken Spencer of Why Not Games. That fateful interview was plagued with sound issues, lag, dropped connections, and every conceivable guest-recording horror.

BUT it’s a new year and a new season of Bonus Experience, and Ken Spencer is back to give us the interview that never was! Join us for an exploration of Rocket Age‘s Imperial Jupiter, a discussion of Adult Words Permissions, and unfortunate dragon design choices. We actually had so much to catch up on, not everything made it into this episode—check our Patreon for Margaret’s director’s cut.

This week’s sponsors: Cut to the Chase on Kickstarter, and West Virginia’s 1d4con!

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Bonus Experience 26–Happy Birthday to Us!

We’ve been broadcasting Bonus Experience into your eager earholes for a whole year now. Thank you for listening, supporting, tweeting, emailing, and sending us all the lovely cards that we’re sure are in the mail right now.

Monica and Rai lay out their plan for Bonus Experience Year 2, as well as breaking down the new Patreon we’ve been so excited about. Also, Rai is sick (she wants to make sure everybody knows, ugh), a new Program Manager appears, and…


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Bonus Experience 25–Patreon Preview! Homebrew Jam: Pokémon by the Apocalypse

We’re coming up on our Podcast Birthday, and here’s the last of our bonus content previews! Today we’re sharing a special-length episode of Monica and Rai jamming out a homebrew game. Let’s call it–and I’m just spitballing here–a homebrew jam. What if… Pokémon? But… Powered by the Apocalypse?

We recorded this like two weeks before the Sword/Shield announcement so you’ll have to trust that this is in no way SEO-related.

Our Patreon launches tomorrow, March 5th! If you want to hear more bonus content like this, you gotta Patreonize!

As always, you can find more Bonus Experience on our Twitter (@bonusexpcast)—and now, you can get some Classy Merch (bxpcast.com/bxpswag)!

Bonus Experience 24: Patreon Preview! MORE Bonus “Bonus Experience” Experience??

March is the one year anniversary of Bonus Experience’s first broadcast! (March 5th, to be exact.) And soon we’ll be launching our very own Patreon! Here’s a hint of the extra QUALITY CONTENT you could unlock if you patronize (patreonize?) us!

Today’s Bonus “Bonus Experience” Experience has us talking about our favorite game tropes and cliches. Well, one of us, anyway—Monica came prepared, but Rai started talking about character pairings and made everything weird.

As always, you can find more Bonus Experience at our blog (bxpcast.com) and our Twitter (@bonusexpcast)—and now, you can get some Classy Merch (bxpcast.com/bxpswag)! We’ll have a BXP Classic episode on Monday, and more bonus content later this week!