For Patrons! B”BXP”XP 07: Homebrew Jam: Exalted Blackbird

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Today, Monica and Rai are HOMEBREW JAMMING on a Exalted by-way-of Lady Blackbird/Shadow of Yesterday. We’re calling it… Lady Exalt? Shadow of Creation? Uh. That’s not important! What IS important is how to model the creativity and drama of Exalted in a much simpler dice pool system. And actually this got us sort of het up and maybe we’ll have an actual product for this later. 🤔

Bonus Experience 25–Patreon Preview! Homebrew Jam: Pokémon by the Apocalypse

We’re coming up on our Podcast Birthday, and here’s the last of our bonus content previews! Today we’re sharing a special-length episode of Monica and Rai jamming out a homebrew game. Let’s call it–and I’m just spitballing here–a homebrew jam. What if… Pokémon? But… Powered by the Apocalypse?

We recorded this like two weeks before the Sword/Shield announcement so you’ll have to trust that this is in no way SEO-related.

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