BXP 06×07 – Monica and the Scoundrels Discuss Content Creation

Hello Bonus Babies,

Today Monica is joined by the hosts of the Malifaux podcast, Steampowered Scoundrels, to have a lively discussion about being small content creators in a niche field, being the microest of micro celebrities, having relationships with tabletop game designers, and a lot, and I really mean a lot, of talk about Malifaux. 

Don’t worry I also bring up Exalted at least once.

Also discussed in the extended cut: bad times at work and the Condescension Special; the authenticity of background noise and where to get the good misophonia; the story of Trixibelle’s lemon; war criminals, annoying women, and problematic content in long-term properties. 

Content warning that we touch on, but do not deeply discuss, some pretty messed up shit that our favorite games have included. 

Place to find the Scoundrels:
Discord: https://discord.gg/KnFbYPdBn9%20

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@steampoweredscoundrels

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@ArtefactorsUnion

Good Things Happen Charity Event: https://fb.me/e/13rS4sbY1 and https://ko-fi.com/goodthingshappenmalifaux

source http://misdirectedmark.com/2023/05/29/bxp-06×07-monica-and-the-scoundrels-discuss-content-creation/

BXP 06×06 – MTP Crossover 2: Design Directives Mechanics Workshop

Hello Bonus Babies,

Here’s another crossover with Mage: The Podcast. This time Danielle Lauzon joins us as we discuss the concept of design directives in games. Enjoy the energy a third party brings to these MTP/BXP crossovers.

You can find Mage the Podcast here.

Additional silliness in the extended cut.

source http://misdirectedmark.com/2023/05/19/bxp-06×06-mtp-crossover-2-design-directives-mechanics-workshop/

BXP 06×05 – Monica and Elliott Dissect Character Sheets

Hello Bonus Babies,

Today Monica is joined by Exalted developer, Elliott Freeman, to break down their favorite (and least favorite) characters sheets: what works, what doesn’t, what they like to see, and so on. Favorites include Agon and Blades in the Dark, and the least favorites include some real stinkers.

You can find Mr Gone’s work here and here

Also discussed in the extended cut:

  • Sleep and work schedules
  • More details about Blades in the Dark
  • Play aids as character sheets

source http://misdirectedmark.com/2023/05/01/bxp-06×05-monica-and-elliott-dissect-character-sheets/

BXP 06 x 04 – Monica and MJ Examine Competitive Game Design

Hello Bonus Babies,

Today Monica is joined by freelance author and designer, MJ Monleon, to discuss the ins, outs, and pitfalls of designing a competitive game. We focus mostly on traditional games like tabletop RPGs and card or board games and then wander off into the weeds of some of our favorite video games. 

We start off strong, then get very distracted. Expect the full strength ADHD experience: hand clapping, table slapping, chair squeaking and my inability to hold still and speak directly into the mic. If any of that is a deal breaker for you, skip this one. 

Also discussed in the extended cut

  • the rules and secrets of BXP
  • competitive D&D
  • glitches in Elden Ring and being annoying in Magic
  • hot topics for future episodes

source http://misdirectedmark.com/2023/04/18/bxp-06-x-04-monica-and-mj-examine-competitive-game-design/

BXP 06×03 – Mage the Podcast Crossover – Mechanics Workshop: Magick Merits

Hello Bonus Babies,

Monica joins Terry on Mage the Podcast to workshop the design concept of individual magic(k) merits, as well as temporary merits and experience rewards in Mage 20th.

Join us for an interesting discussion on in-character benefits and experience design, plus all the weird stuff you’ve come to expect from Monica and Terry having a conversation.

source http://misdirectedmark.com/2023/04/04/bxp-06×03-mage-the-podcast-crossover-mechanics-workshop-magick-merits/

BXP 06×02 – Jax Teaches Monica All About Larp

Hello Bonus Babies,

Today Monica invites her friend, Jacqueline Bryk, to join her and discuss something she considers a blank spot in her traditional game literacy: LARP. We discuss what makes a LARP and LARP design principles as Jax gives a detailed 101 crash course. We also kick around designing our own together, for a bit. 

Also discussed in the extended cut

  • Jax at MAGFest and Monica’s day job
  • the implications of torture in games and the meddlesome Victorians
  • headcanons for the Scarlet Empress and the Ebon Dragon
  • online RPG discourse

source http://misdirectedmark.com/2023/03/20/bxp-06×02-jax-teaches-monica-all-about-larp/

BXP 06×01 Monica and D Analyze Resource Management

Hello Bonus Babies,

Welcome to Season Six! Rai is retiring from permanent co-host duty so you’re all stuck with me (Monica) and a rotating door of our friends. Fear not, Rai will still join us from time to time. And don’t worry – we remain two queer people speaking with authority about games, and we absolutely will still swear (die mad about it). 

In today’s episode D and Monica sit down to get into the ins and outs of designing good resource management games. We talk about what you need to consider as a designer and break down how you can avoid common pitfalls. We also cite a handful of excellent games you can try that use their resources extremely well. 

In the Extended Cut: 

  • Starting the work day, weird dreams, and a good sandwich
  • Behind the scenes of Scion 2e
  • The mysteries of PEMDAS
  • More fun rules from The Other Side

You can find D’s info here: https://www.daniellelauzon.com/

Check out The Other Side here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/the-other-side

source http://misdirectedmark.com/2023/03/06/bxp-06×01-monica-and-d-analyze-resource-management/

BXP 05×12 – Character Development (feat. Terry Robinson)

Hello Bonus Babies!

This is the final episode of Season Five. Terry joins Monica again with the second half of their very long conversation about experiences with gaming and new people. 

Today we talk about character development in RPGs: what that means, what people want when they say they’re into it, and how games do and don’t support character growth over time. It’s a very interesting discussion and a perfect send-off for our fifth season. 

There WILL be Patron-exclusive content this off-season! We’re launching Bonus Level, a YouTube show where Monica and friends try to talk about interesting tabletop topics while their attention is also on a video game. Two episodes are already available on Patreon and Ko-Fi, so there’s never been a better time to support us. Supporters will get early access to all episodes before the full season goes live, so tell your friends! 

BXP is now also on YouTube. All episodes of Bonus Experience and Systematic Understanding of Everything will be posted to our channel, which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK9Qkt98eLwkx8vRCJwrpTA 

Like and subscribe and all that. 

We love you all, see you next year! 

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BXP 05×11 – Mage, Exalted, and D&D (feat. Terry Robinson)

Hello Bonus Babies,

Terry (of Mage: the Podcast) joins Monica to talk about the wild experience of teaching Mage to new people and Monica commiserates about her experiences with teaching Exalted to beginners. We discuss the interesting cultural baggage that comes with most folks pop understanding of the hobby and what it’s like to show folks new games.

The topic goes all kinds of interesting places past that. Even more rambling can be heard in the extended cut.

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