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  • Ep1: It’s Season Three Already?! – Monica and Rai catch us up on what they’ve been up to (mostly Seasonal Affective Disorder and writing under NDAs, has Monica told you yet that she’s the lead mechanical designer for Exalted: Essence?), and look ahead to the bright and shiny year of 2020! What will be left of it, anyway, after the world ends, haha, right?? Right?? hahaha!!! I’m okay!!!
  • Ep2: BXP LIVE! Mediocre Twitter RPG Advice – An inexplicably popular list of “ideas from video games you can use to level up your ttrpg.” The whole thing is baffling in its mediocrity. Let’s discuss it and get spiteful!!
  • Ep3: Bonus Inexperience: Dealing with Brand New People – Making sure new folks don’t feel totally overwhelmed when they join your game (as a GM) or pick it up for the first time (as a writer or designer).
  • Ep4: Character Death and Why It’s Not Great – Why you should and shouldn’t include character death in your campaigns in a variety of different systems and situations.
  • Ep5: Fellas, Is It Gay to Play RPGs? Games with Queer Themes – Our favorite traditional games with queer themes! We also helpfully define both what we mean by “traditional games” and “queer themes.” 
  • Ep6: Mechanics Are Inevitable – All games have rules (surprise), and mechanics are just another tool in the game designer’s toolbox.
  • Ep7: We Can’t Brain Today – How to keep your brain going when you just, can’t. We share our entire arsenal of coping mechanisms. 
  • Ep8: The Onyx PathCon Discussion – There were live Exalted Essence playtests happening during Onyx Pathcon?? Monica and Rai break down prepping to run a game and a demo live, from prepwork to design considerations, and so on.
  • Ep9: What’s a Traditional Game, Anyway? – What the definition of “Traditional Game” actually is. Does it mean lots of math? Does it mean a fiddly combat system? Do you have to grow a beard to run the game??
  • Ep10: The Calvinball Recap – In Calvinball, all the PCs are from wildly varying games, all using different systems and at different power levels… what could go wrong?