BXP 2×05–Hack D&D 5e, with Kitty from DnDestiny!

Kitty of the wildly popular DnDestiny project is here to talk to us all about hacking 5th ed. D&D! What do you keep in mind when designing new classes? How do you stop yourself from reinventing the wheel? What should you do when porting D&D into new genres? And so much more! Like… seriously, a lot more. Kitty really knows her stuff.

Patrons can find Margaret’s extended cut of this episode on our Patreon, featuring a whole extra 30 minutes of us dicking around, debating how D&D views encounters, talking about how much Vancian magic sux, and trying to convince Monica to start playing Destiny and/or Rai and Kitty to start playing Borderlands.

Bonus Experience: the Patreon! | Bonus Experience: the Swag! ]

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