BXP 2×01–Ken Spencer of Why Not Games!

Once upon a time, we interviewed Ken Spencer of Why Not Games. That fateful interview was plagued with sound issues, lag, dropped connections, and every conceivable guest-recording horror.

BUT it’s a new year and a new season of Bonus Experience, and Ken Spencer is back to give us the interview that never was! Join us for an exploration of Rocket Age‘s Imperial Jupiter, a discussion of Adult Words Permissions, and unfortunate dragon design choices. We actually had so much to catch up on, not everything made it into this episode—check our Patreon for Margaret’s director’s cut.

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Bonus Experience 23: Rosenstrasse, with Jessica Hammer

Jessica Hammer joins us to talk about her work on Rosenstrasse: an historical freeform game set in 1930s Berlin, exploring the events and emotions leading up to the Rosenstrasse Protest of 1943 when German housewives “stared Nazis in the eye, and the Nazis blinked.”

There’s not a lot to goof about in this one, folks. We hope you listen.

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What if the super buff wizard holding three different orbs on the side of your van could run a tabletop roleplaying game? It might come out something like METAL WORLD. Come with us on a mega-shredding pun-loaded face-melting interview with Nick Zachariasen. There’s at least one volcano spitting dragons at us.

Also found in the liner notes: the Good Kind of nightmares, Turboteen (probably the BAD kind of nightmare), d12s: the most underrated dice, and Monica and Rai plot to take over the Lounge.

(Also-also: here’s that Boris Vallejo painting we talk about. You’re welcome.)

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Bonus Experience 18: DINOSAUR PRINCESSES! with Dana and Hamish Cameron

Do you crave that just-woke-up-Saturday-morning-and-all-the-good-cartoons-are-on feeling? Are Fruity Pebz still your favorite cereal? Do you need a handy excuse to purchase more scented markers and glitter crayons? Good! Because today we interview Dana and Hamish Cameron about their upcoming game, DINOSAUR PRINCESSES.

Also discussed: Other elemental expressions of hockey, Train-Dinosaur Prosecuting Attorney Princess, Monica’s crazy noise hour, Lady Razorface (and other stellar names).

Bonus Experience 14: Interview! With Sandy Pug Games

We’ve got a special guest today: Liam Ginty, of Sandy Pug Games! We talk at length about his new game, Americana, but especially: inclusivity in notoriously exclusive settings, getting everyone at the table on board with a tragic backstory in the form of Your Dead Friend, and (most importantly) gay orc greasers in the fantasy 50s.

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