What if the super buff wizard holding three different orbs on the side of your van could run a tabletop roleplaying game? It might come out something like METAL WORLD. Come with us on a mega-shredding pun-loaded face-melting interview with Nick Zachariasen. There’s at least one volcano spitting dragons at us.

Also found in the liner notes: the Good Kind of nightmares, Turboteen (probably the BAD kind of nightmare), d12s: the most underrated dice, and Monica and Rai plot to take over the Lounge.

(Also-also: here’s that Boris Vallejo painting we talk about. You’re welcome.)

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Bonus Experience 18: DINOSAUR PRINCESSES! with Dana and Hamish Cameron

Do you crave that just-woke-up-Saturday-morning-and-all-the-good-cartoons-are-on feeling? Are Fruity Pebz still your favorite cereal? Do you need a handy excuse to purchase more scented markers and glitter crayons? Good! Because today we interview Dana and Hamish Cameron about their upcoming game, DINOSAUR PRINCESSES.

Also discussed: Other elemental expressions of hockey, Train-Dinosaur Prosecuting Attorney Princess, Monica’s crazy noise hour, Lady Razorface (and other stellar names).

Bonus Experience 14: Interview! With Sandy Pug Games

We’ve got a special guest today: Liam Ginty, of Sandy Pug Games! We talk at length about his new game, Americana, but especially: inclusivity in notoriously exclusive settings, getting everyone at the table on board with a tragic backstory in the form of Your Dead Friend, and (most importantly) gay orc greasers in the fantasy 50s.

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