Bonus Experience 12: Listener Mail and GenCon18 Wrap-Up

Wait, you actually emailed us? Like, we asked you to do it, sure, but you… really and truly sent us email??

Today, Monica and Rai address questions and dispense advice as suggested by YOU, the listeners! Monica also gives a breakdown of her experience of GenCon. Please keep in mind: Rai is sick, and both podcasters had one hell of a ADD day, so, uh. We talk about punching dynamite.

Bonus Experience 10: Tips for Running One-Shots

How do you manage your time effectively? How do you keep players on-task? How much planning is TOO much planning? One-Shots: How Do? Lucky for us, Rai specializes in single-episode gaming, and has some suggestions for increasing the danger you pose over short distances. Questions also posed: Does Rai drink carbonated water because she hates us? Have you heard of Microscope? How does brain, when the words can’t and you have to, like, you know?