BXP 2×14–You’re Not Punk and I’m Telling Everyone

Do you like my new mohawk? I just got it done at the mohawk store. Check out my patches. Oh no, did you find out I’m not actually punk? Please don’t tell anyone! Listen to this episode—the first in our Genre Exploration series—about PUNK GAMES, instead! We talk about the history of punk as a genre, it’s subgenera and trappings, and also how to design a setting and system to feel punk as hell.

Patreon supporters get an EXTENDED CUT of this episode, featuring: Rai Almost Got Banned, Craft Sodas, Steven Universe is Punk as F*ck, and more!

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BXP 2×13–Playtesting! With Jessica Hammer

The brilliant Jessica Hammer makes her triumphant return to our show and lends us her expertise in the realm of playtesting! We’ve always said you SHOULD do it… but HOW do you do it? How do you sort through the feedback? How do you get the BEST feedback? And how do you surmount your anxiety and get the playtest phase started in the first place? We’ve got answers to these questions and more!

Also, some technical stuff: This is one of the last episodes we record using Zencastr, which, it turns out: Is not so great. We will soon be transferring to Cast, which so far has had GREAT sound quality and no lag. (Cast… call us…)

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BXP 2×12–RPG101: Safety Tools

In our last installment of RPG 101, we’re talking about safety tools. You’ve probably seen them, or heard about them. Here’s why you should use them! And here’s a few different toolkits we recommend! Nobody’s got a table group made of psychic, emotionless X-Men, so please consider utilizing a safety tool as part of your gaming.

In this week’s Extended Version, as found on our Patreon, it’s, um… it’s basically just Fire Emblem: Three Houses. They talk about Three Houses for seriously like 20, 30 minutes.

For more information on the toolkits mentioned in this episode:

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BXP 2×11–RPG101: Table Etiquette

Wanna know the REAL way to win at tabletop RPGs? It doesn’t have anything to do with minmaxing or feat optimization or cheat dice. All you gotta do… is be nice, ya dingus! Today’s 101 topic is table etiquette, and Monica and Rai have five simple steps to becoming the best there is at roleplaying games.

The Extended Version of this episode can be found on our Patreon, where you will also gain access to: thoughts on the Broken Earth RPG, Bookclub Experience, Rai’s status as a living mosquito lure, why we just trust Fair Folk and Sidereal players know what they’re doing, and dog groomers who dry pets off with that like, puppy oven thing.

BXP is brought to you this week by COMMANDROIDS, now on Kickstarter!

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BXP 2×10–RPG101: Session Zero

What the heck is this “Session Zero” everyone keeps talking about? Why is it such a big deal? Should you have a session zero? LET US TELL YOU

The Extended Version of this episode can be found on our Patreon, where you will hear us expound additionally on: Game Conventions We Have Loved, listening to Dan Avidan freak out over a literature club-related visual novel, Henry’s Best Disasters, messing with Julia, and hatpins and how they relate to a miniseries starring Tom Hardy that I’m pretty sure only Rai watched?


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BXP 2×09–Kickstarting! With Johnathon Grach

Our schedule is still a little rough and bumpy but your friend (and ours) Chris S. is still coming through with the Big Edit Energy. Hopefully we’ll have this barren stretch of time behind us in, say, 14 days?

You join us today for our Kickstarter Guestpert Episode featuring Johnathon Grach of Mongrel Games! Johnathon is a wealth of knowledge for the do’s and do-nots when Kickstarter-ing your project, and it was a blast talking to him. Are you considering crowd funding your game (which of course is awesome because you’ve been listening to our advice)? Listen to this guy, he knows his stuff!

ALSO: We are brought to you this week by Hit the Streets: Defend the Block, now on (say it with us) Kickstarter! Please check them out and lend your support! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/orklord/hit-the-streets-defend-the-block-tabletop-rpg 

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BXP 2×08–Cast of Characters: Morality and Other Inconveniences

Annnd we’re back! Sorry about that everyone. Margaret disappeared into some sort of, uh, mimosa portal? To the brunch dimension? We asked your friend and ours Chris S. to lend his editing expertise for the next few episodes until we can extract Margaret.

But enough about that! Today we’re wrapping up our player characters discussion with a dive into Morality Systems (and things that are sort of like Morality Systems). It’s not just D&D alignment! Thankfully. I mean. D&D alignment is fine.It’s all right. But morality stats are neither required nor perfect. Let us tell you why!

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BXP 2×07–Cast of Characters: The PC Do-Over

MARGARET: Please do not c+p my notes to you into the description field of scheduled episodes. You can’t replace one with the other. Related, the next episode is about replacing PCs—write a (new!) description about what to do, as a GM, if your players want to change their character or completely redo them. This episode also has a lot of “chaff” regarding Pokemon GO, please cut. R&M are back in the office tomorrow and I’m sure they’d like to see you at your best work when they return. Thanks.


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BXP Presents: Lady Blackbird, session 1

The second ep of our Actual Play just dropped for Patrons, and to celebrate, we’re releasing ep1 for everyone to enjoy. Join us (Jess, Rai, and Relia) as Monica facilitates Lady Blackbird, a free adventure module presented by One Seven Design and featuring: space airships, pirate captains, unrequited love, snarky goblins, and disaster bisexuals (at least, the way we’re playing it).

Want to know what happens next? Zip over to our Patreon and chip in at the $3 level to get our AP series on the reg!

This episode features sounds used under the Attribution Non-Commercial CC License, provided by: Speedenza, etcd_09, KNO SFX, fl1ppy, jameswrowles, SolarPhasing, and jsbarrett.

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BXP 2×06–Cast of Characters: Why Do We Make PCs?

MARGARET: Rai and Monica are out of office right now. Make sure to queue episode six and write a description for the website. This is the one where they discuss why people make PCs, the idea that someone always leaves a bit of themselves in their PCs, and also they waste close to ten minutes at the beginning talking about beer. You cut that part, right? Thanks.


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