BXP 2×09–Kickstarting! With Johnathon Grach

Our schedule is still a little rough and bumpy but your friend (and ours) Chris S. is still coming through with the Big Edit Energy. Hopefully we’ll have this barren stretch of time behind us in, say, 14 days?

You join us today for our Kickstarter Guestpert Episode featuring Johnathon Grach of Mongrel Games! Johnathon is a wealth of knowledge for the do’s and do-nots when Kickstarter-ing your project, and it was a blast talking to him. Are you considering crowd funding your game (which of course is awesome because you’ve been listening to our advice)? Listen to this guy, he knows his stuff!

ALSO: We are brought to you this week by Hit the Streets: Defend the Block, now on (say it with us) Kickstarter! Please check them out and lend your support! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/orklord/hit-the-streets-defend-the-block-tabletop-rpg 

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