BXP Presents: Lady Blackbird, session 1

The second ep of our Actual Play just dropped for Patrons, and to celebrate, we’re releasing ep1 for everyone to enjoy. Join us (Jess, Rai, and Relia) as Monica facilitates Lady Blackbird, a free adventure module presented by One Seven Design and featuring: space airships, pirate captains, unrequited love, snarky goblins, and disaster bisexuals (at least, the way we’re playing it).

Want to know what happens next? Zip over to our Patreon and chip in at the $3 level to get our AP series on the reg!

This episode features sounds used under the Attribution Non-Commercial CC License, provided by: Speedenza, etcd_09, KNO SFX, fl1ppy, jameswrowles, SolarPhasing, and jsbarrett.

Bonus Experience: the Patreon! | Bonus Experience: the Swag! ]

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