BXP 2×04–How Do You… Bring Diversity to Your Table?

Good morning, you beautiful content consumers. Today we bring you the final installment in our How Do You…? series, and we’re sharing tips on how to make room for diverse characters, stories, and settings at your table.  We also share what to do if you mess up, or feel an enormous amount of anxiety re: messing up. Thank you @Mypsilan on Twitter for suggesting the topic!

We ALSO address everyone’s obsession with reanimating Tolkien’s corpse, commit countless audio sins, and in general this is kind of an ADHD-fest but we DO stay laser-focused on the important stuff (including discussion of James Mendez Hodes‘ excellent work, if you like this episode read his blog because it’s basically what we’re saying but 100% better!!)

Bonus Experience: the Patreon! | Bonus Experience: the Swag! ]

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