Bonus Experience 24: Patreon Preview! MORE Bonus “Bonus Experience” Experience??

March is the one year anniversary of Bonus Experience’s first broadcast! (March 5th, to be exact.) And soon we’ll be launching our very own Patreon! Here’s a hint of the extra QUALITY CONTENT you could unlock if you patronize (patreonize?) us!

Today’s Bonus “Bonus Experience” Experience has us talking about our favorite game tropes and cliches. Well, one of us, anyway—Monica came prepared, but Rai started talking about character pairings and made everything weird.

As always, you can find more Bonus Experience at our blog ( and our Twitter (@bonusexpcast)—and now, you can get some Classy Merch (! We’ll have a BXP Classic episode on Monday, and more bonus content later this week!

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