BXP 06 x 04 – Monica and MJ Examine Competitive Game Design

Hello Bonus Babies,

Today Monica is joined by freelance author and designer, MJ Monleon, to discuss the ins, outs, and pitfalls of designing a competitive game. We focus mostly on traditional games like tabletop RPGs and card or board games and then wander off into the weeds of some of our favorite video games. 

We start off strong, then get very distracted. Expect the full strength ADHD experience: hand clapping, table slapping, chair squeaking and my inability to hold still and speak directly into the mic. If any of that is a deal breaker for you, skip this one. 

Also discussed in the extended cut

  • the rules and secrets of BXP
  • competitive D&D
  • glitches in Elden Ring and being annoying in Magic
  • hot topics for future episodes

source http://misdirectedmark.com/2023/04/18/bxp-06-x-04-monica-and-mj-examine-competitive-game-design/

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