BXP 3×12 – Being Your Own Fan feat. Dixie Cochran

Hello Bonus Babies, 

You may have tuned in live for the chaos of this episode. If you missed it, here’s the edited version, for your enjoyment. We brought in Dixie Cochran, in-house developer at Onyx path as well as host of the Onyx Pathcast to discuss the ups and downs of being (or not being) a fan of something you’ve been contracted to work on. 

You can hear us on the Pathcast discussing a similar topic here

Also discussed in the extended cut: the LARP don’t STARP, Exalted: Monica Edition, and passing notes in official game documents. 

If you’re curious about Scion, you can listen to Monica run an AP of the Scion Jumpstart here. Also be sure to check out The Systematic Understanding of Everything to learn the basics of Exalted’s incredible setting! 

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source http://misdirectedmark.com/2020/09/28/bxp-3×12-being-your-own-fan-feat-dixie-cochran/

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