BXP 3×19 – The Scion: Dragon Kickstarter Episode

Hello Bonus Babies, 

It’s here! Rai and Monica bring friend of the show and sometimes cohost Danielle Lauzon back to discuss the Scion: Dragon Kickstarter – a product all three of us worked on. 

This episode contains everything you want to know about Dragon, and our contributions. 

In the extended cut: NINTETY FULL MINUTES of Dragon content, plus throwing shade at Ch-ck N-rris, that uhhhhhhh attempted coup, no fly list schadenfreude and so so many Dragon spoilers. 

To back the Kickstarter, click here

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source http://misdirectedmark.com/2021/01/20/bxp-3×19-the-scion-dragon-kickstarter-episode/

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