BXP 04×09 – BXP Reads: Dragonhearts

Hello Bonus Babies, 

Thanks to help from Mage the Podcast’s own Terry, we were able to release the episode today instead of delaying. Please thank Terry the next time you see him. 

In today’s episode, Monica and Rai read and review Dragonhearts, a Firebrands hack about playing shapeshifting dragons who fight and kiss. It’s everything Rai has ever wanted.

This was recorded live – we’re remarkably on topic despite being heckled. 

If you’re interested in buying the game, you can find it here: https://fractaldragon.itch.io/dragonhearts

To listen to Unplaytested, go here: http://www.unplaytested.com/episodes 

If you want to join us for live shows, join our Discord: https://discord.gg/bFTNjAqYen

Please support Terry and Mage the Podcast here: https://magethepodcast.com/

All this and more in the extended cut

source http://misdirectedmark.com/2021/08/05/bxp-04×09-bxp-reads-dragonhearts/

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