BXP 04×11 – Teeth are the Naughty Bones

Hello Bonus Babies,

Haha, what were we doing? Did we skip a week? (Yes) Hi how are you what’s going on?

It’s been a Time for us over here at BXP and we finally got back together for a minute to catch up before we wrap up our season with one more real episode and then venture into the wilds of The Off Season. 

We discuss Rai’s harrowing mouth experiences, what we’re GONNA talk about next time, and that feel when a snake beats you in the gubernatorial race for Elysium. 

No extended cut this week, as this is a short interim episode. However, Patrons got this ish a whole day early so like, yknow. Give us one crisp American dollar and you can enjoy such privileges too. 

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source http://misdirectedmark.com/2021/09/14/bxp-04×11-teeth-are-the-naughty-bones/

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