BXP 05×03-BXP Talks D&D 4e (feat. David Castro)

Hello Bonus Babies, 

Rai was ill during our usual recording time, so we brought in a friend to help! In today’s episode, Monica is joined by David Castro of Ink Stained Studios to talk D&D 4e: the good parts, the bad parts, its history, and its impact on current design. We’re very pro-4e, in case you’re wondering where we come down on the subject. If you’re looking for hate, this one ain’t it. 

Also discussed in the extended cut: Hot tips for using trash as play aids, the true origins of “video game” powers, opinions about high-math rules and the nature of Monica’s dice magic.

Extra links:  Bonus Experience 5: Games and the Art of Railroading. David’s Twitter, Website, DTRPG, and Patreon

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source http://misdirectedmark.com/2022/04/18/bxp-05×03-bxp-talks-dd-4e-feat-david-castro/

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