BXP 05×06-The BXP Memorial Day Picnic

Happy Pride, Bonus Babies! 

We’ve really been going through it this year, so when we sat down to record our most recent episode we decided it would be fun and relaxing to just hang out instead. 

Here’s nearly an hour of Monica and Rai talking about… everything and nothing. 


  • Queer New Year and Gay Parliament
  • the best way to see Multiverse of Madness
  • the problem with superhero movies
  • RPG industry news
  • Siri learning about Exalted
  • David learning about Exalted
  • Winamp skins
  • Napster
  • a crowded house and a music closet
  • crushing season 5 and having an employee
  • finding mental health resources
  • RSD, the Rage Castle, and being aware of your own mental health
  • favorite ice creams
  • the hesitant return to Tumblr

Even more nonsense in the extended cut 

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source http://misdirectedmark.com/2022/06/01/bxp-05×06-the-bxp-memorial-day-picnic/

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