Did you miss us? Don’t worry, we’re “on” again for the next six months. Drink it up while you can. Tell your friends. Tell your spouse. Tell your kids. Tell your parents. 

…on second thought maybe not those last two. 

This is a launch episode in which we share our plans for the season as well as shout out all our Patrons and let people know what’s going on with us. 

Stay tuned for episode 1! 

All our love,

Monica & Rai 

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BXP 04×12 – The Joys of Chargen

Hello Bonus Babies,

Character generation is not to be taken lightly–in fact, it can be one of the biggest draws of your game. We discuss why that is, how that is, and our favorite games to make funny little guys for. And for patrons, we talk about Sailor Moons, the twitter TTRPG main character of the week, HERPANGINA, and  the Inverse Property of McElroys in Margaret’s Extended Cut.

This is our LAST EPISODE of season 4! Monica and Rai will be stunting in the off-season until March 2022. Keep an eye on this space, and on our Twitter, and on our Discord, and ALSO DON’T FORGET TO subscribe to our Patreon for off-season events and bonus content!

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BXP 04×11 – Teeth are the Naughty Bones

Hello Bonus Babies,

Haha, what were we doing? Did we skip a week? (Yes) Hi how are you what’s going on?

It’s been a Time for us over here at BXP and we finally got back together for a minute to catch up before we wrap up our season with one more real episode and then venture into the wilds of The Off Season. 

We discuss Rai’s harrowing mouth experiences, what we’re GONNA talk about next time, and that feel when a snake beats you in the gubernatorial race for Elysium. 

No extended cut this week, as this is a short interim episode. However, Patrons got this ish a whole day early so like, yknow. Give us one crisp American dollar and you can enjoy such privileges too. 

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BXP 04×10 – Build a Better One-Shot

Hello Bonus Babies,

In today’s episode we discuss the art of the one-shot, including: games that are suited for short play, how to MAKE a game suited for short play, and how one gets ideas for short games anyway. 

Also discussed in the extended cut: Rai’s Naughty Teeth, Delta-8 (legal in most states!!), Donuts, and some weird goop that came out of Monica’s throat. 

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BXP 04×09 – BXP Reads: Dragonhearts

Hello Bonus Babies, 

Thanks to help from Mage the Podcast’s own Terry, we were able to release the episode today instead of delaying. Please thank Terry the next time you see him. 

In today’s episode, Monica and Rai read and review Dragonhearts, a Firebrands hack about playing shapeshifting dragons who fight and kiss. It’s everything Rai has ever wanted.

This was recorded live – we’re remarkably on topic despite being heckled. 

If you’re interested in buying the game, you can find it here: https://fractaldragon.itch.io/dragonhearts

To listen to Unplaytested, go here: http://www.unplaytested.com/episodes 

If you want to join us for live shows, join our Discord: https://discord.gg/bFTNjAqYen

Please support Terry and Mage the Podcast here: https://magethepodcast.com/

All this and more in the extended cut

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BXP 04×08 – Rules for Smoochin

Hello Bonus Babies, 

In today’s episode, Monica and Rai tackle a subject near and dear to our weird, little horny hearts: romance in games! 

Despite that particular framing, we discuss how emotional conflict is important, and being emotionally intimate and vulnerable with other characters in your games can improve the experience.

Then, we talk about Thirsty Sword Lesbians. Like, a lot. 

All this and more in the extended cut

source http://misdirectedmark.com/2021/07/22/bxp-04×08-rules-for-smoochin/

BXP 04×07 – June, In Review

Hello Bonus Babies,

Monica and Rai sat down in the “studio” with a bad case of the fuck-its so instead of talking irreverently about a design topic, we decided to talk about the month of June. 


…Not in the abstract, a lot happened to us this past month so we shoot the breeze about it. 

Also discussed: the beach trip we’re planning in November (that you’re not invited to), gentle ribbing of friend and colleague Neall Raemonn Price, and many ADHD traffic jams. 

No extended cut this week – this is basically a 40 minute cold open. 

source http://misdirectedmark.com/2021/07/06/bxp-04×07-june-in-review/

BXP 4×06 – Game Writing is Fiction Writing

Hello Bonus Babies, 

Today we sit down to discuss how preparing for games and adventuring writing can make you better at writing fiction. We talk plot points and beats, enjoying being surprised by outcomes, and using a similar structure to plan your story. 

This is a Rai heavy episode, so buckle up. 

Also discussed in the extended cut: several minutes of Rai making mouth sounds (someone’s into that, right?), fire emblem on main, Pennsyltucky, how is municipal softball not gay? and … let’s go girls 🙂

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BXP 4×05 – BXP Reads: Gun&Slinger

Hello Bonus Babies!

Monica and Rai picked up Gun&Slinger – a game for two players and a facilitator about playing a sentient, magical gun and its wielder in a strange, magic-torn world. It is extremely our shit. 

You can purchase it here

Bonus shenanigans as always in the extended cut 

Emergency editing (thank you thank you thank you) by Terry Robinson of Mage the Podcast. Check it out here 

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BXP Update: Troublesome and Expensive Nonsense

Hello all, 

BXP’s Rai is dealing with House Bullshit, which as the title says is Troublesome and Expensive. To help alleviate some costs, we will be hosting a Jackbox Party on Saturday, 6/5/21 from 7 to 9PM Eastern. This also means no episode until next Monday. 

Any donations of $5 (or more!) will get you first dibs on playing with us.
Join us on the Bonus Experience Discord: https://discord.gg/8Cv7VrN

Make your donations here: paypal.me/bonusexperienceput your Discord handle in the comments so we know it’s you. 

See ya Saturday! 

– M&R