Bonus Experience 23: Patreon Preview! The Bonus “Bonus Experience” Experience??

March is the one year anniversary of Bonus Experience’s first broadcast. Can you believe it?? To mark the occasion, we’ll be launching our very own Patreon—and to give you a hint of the extras you could unlock if you patronize (patreonize?) us, every Tuesday in February we’re releasing preview content! Today, we offer you our finest selection of off-topic chatter, what we’d like to call The Bonus “Bonus Experience” Experience. Mostly we talk about dragon books, but also about anime club, living in a post-fansub society, and what our Redwall fursonas are.

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What if the super buff wizard holding three different orbs on the side of your van could run a tabletop roleplaying game? It might come out something like METAL WORLD. Come with us on a mega-shredding pun-loaded face-melting interview with Nick Zachariasen. There’s at least one volcano spitting dragons at us.

Also found in the liner notes: the Good Kind of nightmares, Turboteen (probably the BAD kind of nightmare), d12s: the most underrated dice, and Monica and Rai plot to take over the Lounge.

(Also-also: here’s that Boris Vallejo painting we talk about. You’re welcome.)

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Bonus Experience 21: Tone, Scope, and Scale

Have you ever rejected joke character concepts for your grimdark gothic fantasy? Disappointed a ranger by never once setting foot outside the campaign’s urban setting? Grappled with how to keep your players from rewriting the laws of the universe when all they needed to do was kill a few giants? Get a grip on your game’s direction—think about its tone, scope, and scale!

Also for your consideration: overconfident ADHD brains, what is a Dungeons and Dragons game even SUPPOSED to feel like?, and giving in to the Gurren Lagann option.

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Bonus Experience 20: Steal Like a Designer

We’re here with a bonus Bonus Experience to get back on schedule after the holiday!

Ask a creative individual where they get all their ideas from, and they’ll likely either stall or roll their eyes. Wanna know the real way to come up with new things? You steal from the old things, of course. Monica and Rai are here, in this fresh new year of 20CrimeTeen, to teach you how to steal like a game designer. And how to not, like, commit theft. We’re all having fun here but don’t actually do that.

Also invoked: Fighty Guy and Nature Friend, Vampire: the Costume Party, fanfic as praxis, and how to properly close a Target store.

Bonus Experience 19: Failing Forward

We mention it enough that we figured it was high time we explain just what the hell we’re talking about when we recommend FAILING FORWARD. What is it? Why do it? How can you fail forward in games with a terrible flat distribution and binary difficulty (coughD&Dcough)? Monica’s here with the math, Rai’s here with… is that the click wheel on a fidget cube? Good lord, why would play with that while the mic is live?

Also on the table: Just a Couple of Bi Disasters, “Dude, Where’s My Bard?”, and Gritty Squeezin’s™

Bonus Experience 18: DINOSAUR PRINCESSES! with Dana and Hamish Cameron

Do you crave that just-woke-up-Saturday-morning-and-all-the-good-cartoons-are-on feeling? Are Fruity Pebz still your favorite cereal? Do you need a handy excuse to purchase more scented markers and glitter crayons? Good! Because today we interview Dana and Hamish Cameron about their upcoming game, DINOSAUR PRINCESSES.

Also discussed: Other elemental expressions of hockey, Train-Dinosaur Prosecuting Attorney Princess, Monica’s crazy noise hour, Lady Razorface (and other stellar names).

Bonus Experience 17: Emergency NPCs and Canon NPCs

Welcome to our first episode as members of the Misdirected Mark Network! Right? This is our first— did they flip the— MARGARET? MARGARET, IS IT LIVE YET?

Anyway, we’re returning to our discussion of NPCs, namely how to deal with NPC emergencies (such as when your PCs decide No-Stats McGee is their new best friend) and dealing with canon, named NPCs.

Bonus Experience 15: Making—and Playing—Great NPCs

NPCs—never just sentient quest boards. Today we’re talking about how best to use your NPCs, how to make them believable and interesting, and how to give them all different voices even if you’re not a professional voice actor running a critically-acclaimed Actual Play. We’re also talking about how to pronounce Chejop Kejak, how to avoid doing accents, and paying clumsy homage to Sweet Brown.