BXP 2×02–How Do You… Play Online?

It’s a whole new world for us here at BXP. Our Mysterious Program Manager (hereafter referred to as the MPM) has us on this new format, where we do series of interconnected topics. It’s a good thing they’re here to organize for us, because Monica and Rai are both notoriously HEY did we show you our new dice?? And this new minis game with the hot babes?? And this youtube my sister texted the other d–

Our first series is How Do You…? and this week, we’re talking about playing online: best technology and techniques, best practices, and best typing speeds (in which Rai holds the current, improbable record). Patrons (y’know, of our Patreon) can find Margaret’s extended cut of this episode, featuring Rai’s burning hatred of Facebook and Monica’s Freelance Kvetching Hour.

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