BXP 2×03–How Do You… Surprise Players?

Hey, Bonus Babies! It’s entry two in our How Do You…?series, talkin’ all about surprising your players. If you’re looking for how to better keep secrets from them, how to play out entertaining twists, or just need advice on how to maintain a poker face, we have a few tips and tricks for you. Also, we crack wise about Edgar Allan Poe’s terrible mystery writing skills and share our thoughts on Forbidden Pizza.

Patrons (y’know, of our Patreon) can find Margaret’s extended cut of this episode now! Featuring rave reviews of Headspace for your crummy ADHD brain, as well as a treatise on Forbidden Pizza, and an explanation of that one time Rai started a war over pizza in the Misdirected Mark slack. It’s, uh… it’s a pretty pizza-heavy episode, ngl.

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